"Seven Words at the Cross" by Ps. Andreas Rahardjo

"Living in Hope" by Ps. Muhammad Sudhi Dharma

"The breadth and length and height and depth of the love of Christ" by Ps. Paul Pitoy

"Berlari Dalam Pertandingan Iman" by Ps. Markus Simanjuntak

"Back to Basic: The Master Key to Spiritual Growth" by Ps. Markus Simanjuntak

"Praise & Worship"

On this program, Ps. Jacqlien Celosse and Rocky Pentury lead body of Christ to praise and worship of our precious Lord Jesus.

"Covenant Seminar" by Ps. Sudhi Dharma

"Father-Son Relationship Seminar" by Ps. D. Yanuar

"Building a Legacy Seminar" by Ps. Benny Koesno

Divine Force Seminar" by Ps . Samiton Pangella